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Biden Stays Focused on Getting the Country Vaccinated & Rebuilding the Economy

The fascinating and encouraging thing about President Joe Biden's press conference this week was his message discipline. After getting his Covid relief and economic stimulus bill passed, he's now focused on vaccinations [200 mil. in 100 days] and the infrastructure legislation that's key to long-term economic growth. Reporters questioned him repeatedly about the current hot topics, guns and the border, but he reminded journalists that both have been problems for decades and that he will address them in due course. His primary concern is his ambitious Build Back Better infrastructure initiative which he will unveil on Wednesday in Pittsburgh. That will remain the top White House priority until it's passed by Congress.

Playbook: “Over and over in the East Room, the president made it clear Thursday that he’s in control of the timing of his legislative priorities and that he would not allow events to overtake his plans. Guns, immigration, voting rights, filibuster reform — the big issues that have intervened recently and that dominated questioning by reporters — would have to wait.”
Gary Abernathy: “The most impressive revelation on Thursday from President Biden’s first news conference was that he has a plan and he intends to stick with it.”

Biden has been around long enough to realize that events can derail even good legislation if you lose focus, and the GOP would like nothing more than to lead the President down the immigration debate rabbit hole. Biden is determined not to let that happen and he knows that Americans are with him on that.

Biden's Build Back Better plan is the keystone to the President's agenda, the catalyst to revitalize the US economy and create the infrastructure necessary for America to compete with China and India.. Moreover, it's not just a roads and bridge infrastructure plan; it will create the base on which we can build a just, sustainable, and environmentally sound 21st century economy

Voice of America: "Biden's plan is expected to contain hundreds of billions of dollars each for the building and maintenance of the sort of thing that usually falls into the infrastructure category: internet broadband access, ports, highways, water and sewer systems, airports, railways, the electrical grid and more. However, there will be an estimated $400 billion directed to new green energy projects, including a national effort to install charging stations for electric cars and trucks."

"Other funds would be dedicated to creating the facilities necessary to make affordable, high-quality child care more widely available. The administration reportedly wants to address other issues as well, including the lack of access to medical facilities in some parts of the country."

Business Insider: "Related provisions may include:
Free community college;
Universal pre-K;
A national paid leave initiative;
Increased spending on programs to increase participation of women in the labor force;
Extending or making permanent two temporary provisions of Biden's stimulus bill: expanded subsidies for low- and middle-income Americans to buy health insurance, and tax credits aimed at cutting poverty."

Joe Biden didn't seek the Presidency as a caretaker or just because he wanted to deliver the nation from the clutches of a madman, he intends to be a transformational President and his Build Back Better plan is the key to his success.

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By: Don Lam and Curated Content

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