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Biden Signals that a Deal on the Climate and Social Spending Reconciliation Package is Close

Later today, President Joe Biden will present Democratic lawmakers with the framework of a historic $1.75 trillion social spending and climate reconciliation package before heading off to Europe for an international conference. The framework would guide lawmakers in writing the final legislation.

Finalizing the framework reconciliation package may [should] also allow a final vote in the House for the $1 trillion Senate-passed infrastructure measure needed to update the nation's physical infrastructure [roads, bridges, electoral grid, etc.].

Here's what in the updated reconciliation framework:

CNN: "The plan would provide free and universal preschool for all 3- and 4-year-olds, which amounts to the biggest expansion of public education in 100 years, according to the White house. The framework would also help states expand access to high-quality and affordable child care to about 20 million children per year and extend the enhanced child tax credit that was included as part of the American Rescue Plan."
"The framework also calls for significant investments to address the climate crisis, something the President has made a top priority of his administration. The plan includes clean energy tax credits for Americans installing rooftop solar panels, an electric vehicle tax credit, tax credits for clean energy production and would create a civilian climate corp." ... The framework [also] aims to lower premiums for 9 million Americans who buy insurance through the Affordable Care Act, close the Medicaid coverage gap, and expand Medicare coverage to include hearing services."

The Washington Post has a good explanation of the entire framework package here.

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By: Don Lam and curated content

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