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Biden Seeks to Poach Putin's Top Scientists & Innovators

One of America's greatest advantages is that the world's best and brightest still want to come here to work, live and built new businesses. President Joe Biden wants to use that advantage to drain Russia of its top science talent by relaxing some visa requirements.

New York Times: "An administration proposal sent to Capitol Hill as part of a larger package requesting $33 billion in spending on the war would suspend for four years the requirement that scientists applying for visas have a sponsoring employer, eliminating one of the biggest obstacles for many seeking to come to the United States."
"It would apply to Russian citizens who have earned master’s or doctoral degrees in science, technology, engineering or mathematics in the U.S. or abroad."

Biden's plan comes on the heels of numerous reports that tens of thousands of young, well-educated Russians are leaving the country to find greater freedom and better job opportunities abroad. Russian IT workers understand that Western sanctions will make Russia a technological backwater for years to come. And, one by one, American and European companies are moving out of Russia and taking thousands of high-paying jobs with them. Moreover, top technology firms such as Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, and Cisco that provide essential products and services to the technology sector are halting operations in the country.

So far, most Russians have relocated to neighboring countries with liberal visa requirements, but the opportunity to work and build companies in the US would be very enticing to many.

Biden's plan will strengthen America's ability to poach some of Putin's tech sector innovators while further undermining Russia's technological future.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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