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Biden's Bold Decision is Legal, Popular, and Will Save American Lives

To a majority of Americans, President Joe Biden's decision to mandate the Covid vaccine for a large portion of our population is just common sense. Most of us are tired of the inane excuses and bizarre conspiracy theories, and understand that the unvaccinated are the reason that the virus has space to mutate into increasingly dangerous forms. And, if I meet one more person who tells me that the vaccine is part of a plot to sterilize white people, I think my head will explode. Most folks agree:

Political Wire: "An AP-NORC poll conducted in August found 55% of Americans in favor of requiring government workers to be fully vaccinated, compared with 21% opposed."
"Similar majorities also backed vaccine mandates for health care workers, teachers working at K-12 schools and workers who interact with the public, as at restaurants and stores."

The medical community widely agrees that we need to increase our vaccination rate to about 85% to stem new outbreaks of the virus and we won't get there anytime soon without a broad mandate like the one that Biden imposed.

Washington Post: “I’m very much in favor of making and encouraging mandates. This was not just superficial stuff. This is going to have a significant impact.” - Dr. Anthony Fauci regarding the new vaccine mandates

The mandates will give rise to all kinds of new conspiracy theories among Trumpist conservatives who will try to stop them in court. They are unlikely to succeed.

New York Times: "Experts say Mr. Biden has the legal authority to impose vaccine requirements on the private sector, through laws that require businesses to comply with evidence-based federal health safety standards. OSHA, which enforces workplace safety, has already imposed other pandemic precautions, such as a rule in June requiring health care employers to provide protective equipment and adequate ventilation and ensure social distancing, among other measures. Robert I. Field, a law professor at Drexel University, said that OSHA had the authority to protect workers’ safety, keeping them from being exposed to a potentially deadly virus, by requiring vaccinations."
"Lawrence O. Gostin, a Georgetown University law professor who specializes in public health, added: “The president’s plan is bold, audacious and unprecedented. But I do think it’s entirely lawful. He’s on extremely strong legal ground.”

Biden understands that the mandates will be controversial, but history would not be kind to a President who shirked his responsibility to save American lives and end the pandemic.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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