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Biden is Set to Win the Popular Vote by More than 5 Million; This Shouldn't Even be Close

With millions more to count, Joe Biden already leads the popular vote by more than 4 million and he has won an outright majority of the total ballots cast. When the counting is completed in states like California he will have a 4-5% lead over Donald Trump, and his popular vote advantage will approach 6 million. So, why in the world are we still focused on a handful of "swing" states and their electoral votes?

The electoral college was added to the Constitution because some of the founders didn't trust the people to select a leader wisely, and to protect the interests of slave-holders in the South. It's an anachronism that is far beyond its sell-by date.

Yes, amending the Constitution is incredibly difficult, but this nonsense undermines the faith Americans have in our democracy. A voter in California or Alabama could quite properly ask why they even bother. They know who is going to win the state's electoral votes long before the election. And, when is the last time that a presidential candidate, of either party, campaigned in New York or Mississippi during the general election? Never! So, candidates focus their policy proposals on the interests of a narrow band of swing voters in swing states like the Cuban community in Miami or those involved in hydraulic fracturing [fracking] in Pennsylvania. As a result, the electoral college doesn't just skew our politics, it also slants our domestic and foreign policies in ways that don't necessarily serve the national interest.



By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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