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Biden & Dems have had an Exceptionally Good Couple of Months Including Their Historic Climate Bill

President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have had an exceptionally good couple of months after taking a beating on inflation, a stalled agenda, and high energy prices during the first half of the year. Inflation may hang around for a bit longer, but Democrats now have an impressive string of legislative victories thanks to Biden's experience, patience, and willingness to compromise.

The Economist: “When Joe Biden bangs on about bipartisanship and compromising, some Democrats roll their eyes, thinking him out of touch with modern politics. But the accumulating evidence suggests he understands how to make progress better than they do.”
“That may not strengthen his political standing in the short term, but it holds out some hope for his presidency, and American governance, over the long haul.”
“After a midsummer burst of Senate affirmation, Mr Biden can point to a series of bipartisan accomplishments, now including a bill to subsidize America’s semiconductor industry on top of the first gun-safety legislation in almost 30 years and a $1.2 trillion infrastructure law... "

Additionally, the Senate confirmed the first black woman to the United States Supreme Court and backed Sweden and Finland's application to join NATO. And Biden's string of legislative successes has now been capped off with Senate passage of the Inflation Reduction Act to battle climate change, restrain drug costs, and decrease the deficit. Passage of that bill is an exceptional legislative achievement and fulfills Biden's most critical campaign promise. To quote the President, it's a "BFD."

Biden can also claim at least partial credit for several other recent achievements. The employment report on Friday showed the economy added 528,000 new jobs, putting unemployment at 3.5%, the lowest rate in 50 years. Kansans rejected Republican extremism on abortion, US forces killed al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, and gas prices hit a 50-day low.

Just a few months ago many commentators were beginning to question Biden's ability to complete his legislative agenda and lead a sharply divided nation. Today, some may still oppose his policies, but few will question his ability to achieve his vision for the nation.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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