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Baltimore is Fine, It's the White House That is a Rat Infested Mess

Yesterday, President Trump described Rep. Elijah Cummings as a “brutal bully” and called his majority-black Baltimore district a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess,.” and said “no human being would want to live there.” He doubled down this morning attacking Cummings' record as a member of the House.

The President is angry because Cummings won't be bullied and continues to investigate conditions at the border and White House misdeeds.

The Hill: "The congressman several weeks ago said that the administration's treatment of migrant children at U.S.-run facilities was “government-sponsored child abuse.” Trump's attacks also came just days after Cummings' committee authorized subpoenas for records from the White House regarding aides’ use of personal email and text applications for official business."

For Trump, it was the perfect opportunity to practice his "politics of division" by attacking a black civil rights leader and Congressman in a majority black urban district. He will continue to argue that such attacks on Americans of color, and "urban America" have nothing to do with race....wink, wink. As with his attacks on the "Squad," the President's strategy is to drive a wedge between his rural white supporters and the rest of America right up to election day in 2020.

Washington Post: "[Republican] Campaign advisers and party officials, some of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations, said that an appeal targeted at Trump’s white working-class base will not necessarily cost him moderate voters."
“The general assumption with everything Squad-related is this helps shore up our base. It definitely helps with white working-class voters,” said one person close to the campaign, using the term that refers to the four congresswomen. “I think that shows that this can be turned into a positive, in terms of a very political viewpoint.”

Cummings, refused to be baited into the gutter with Trump, simply responding, “Mr. President, I go home to my district daily. Each morning, I wake up, and I go and fight for my neighbors. It is my constitutional duty to conduct oversight of the Executive Branch. But, it is my moral duty to fight for my constituents.”  

Baltimore certainly has some problems with crime. poverty, and a dysfunctional police department, but it's one of America's great cities, my personal favorite. I lived, worked and went to school there in the 80s when its crime rate was twice what it is now. I've visited often since and my son went to Johns Hopkins. It has one of the world's great universities and medical centers [Johns Hopkins], its best baseball stadium [Orioles Park at Camden Yards], a fabulous conservatory [Peabody Institute], crab cakes to die for, the Inner Harbor, "The Horse you Rode in On," Natty Boh and one of America's great craft brew scenes, John Waters, the National Aquarium, Chesapeake blue crabs, "Artscape", the country’s largest free arts festival, Hampden and Fells Point, Fort McHenry, the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum, the first Washington Monument, the Ravens, and lot's of friendly folks who will call you "hon," Baltimore's classic term of endearment. It's also ranked "4th nationally among metro areas in the percentage of residents with advanced degrees and 8th in the percentage of residents with bachelor’s degrees".

Yes, Baltimore has some problems, but its a world class city. Thousands of prominent political figures and celebrities are using the “#WeAreBaltimore” hashtag in solidarity with Baltimore's residents.

Baltimore is fine and so is Elijah Cummings, it's legendary civil rights leader and Representative. Now if we could just get the rats out of the White House.

#wearebaltimore #news #Trump #ElijahCummings

By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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