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As the Virus Rages, Italians are Singing from their Balconies to Raise the Nation's Spirits

Italy has been hit hard by the coronavirus, its healthcare system has been overwhelmed in some regions, and the nation is in a virtual lock-down with all of its schools, bars and restaurants closed and freedom of movement curtailed. Italians aren't giving in to despair, however.

Guardian: "From the southern cities of Salerno and Naples, and the Sicilian capital Palermo to Turin in the north, residents of apartment buildings and tower blocks are continuing to sing or play instruments, or to offer DJ sets, from their balconies in a trend that is spreading from Italy across Europe to Spain and even to Sweden.
In one district of Rome neighbours entertained each other with a rendition of the folk song Volare, while in Florence the opera singer, Maurizio Marchini, sang the popular Puccini aria Nessun Dorma from Turandot."

Here is Marchini's incredible balcony performance for the residents of Florence.

Twitter, Goodable: "During Italy's quarantine, tenor and opera singer Maurizio Marchini wanted to give people hope and joy. So [he] went to his balcony and serenaded the entire town of Florence."

But Marchini is far from the only resident singing to raise the nation's spirits. Across the country Italians are raising there voices in solidarity.

And here is another wonderful collection of balcony performances recorded over the last few days in Italy. Stay safe everyone .... and sing!

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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