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As Putin Again Interferes, Admiral McRaven Warns that Trump Seeks to Erase Integrity from the WH

Retired Admiral William McRaven, who oversaw the mission in Pakistan that killed Osama bin Laden, penned an op-ed piece for the Washington Post yesterday that should send a chill down the spines of every American. He wrote it in response to the ousting of acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire after he briefed members of the House of Representatives on new efforts by Russia's intelligence services to get Donald Trump reelected this November. Maguire's sin apparently was that he told the truth and was concerned with the integrity of our nation's elections.

McRaven, Wash. Post: "But, of course, in this administration, good men and women don’t last long. Joe was dismissed for doing his job: overseeing the dissemination of intelligence to elected officials who needed that information to do their jobs."

As in 2016, Trump doesn't want Americans to know that he's the favored candidate of Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and he acted angrily to the news.

Trump, Twitter: "Another misinformation campaign is being launched by Democrats in Congress saying that Russia prefers me to any of the Do Nothing Democrat candidates who still have been unable to, after two weeks, count their votes in Iowa. Hoax number 7!"

A rational president, a patriot, would react by warning Americans of the threat posed by Russian [or any nation's] interference in our elections, even if it damaged his chances in November. But, as Admiral McRaven points out, this President isn't concerned with America; he only considers what is advantageous for Donald Trump. He's the man that jumps in the life boat before the women and children to save his own skin. He's a man without character, integrity or courage.

McRaven, Wash. Post: "As Americans, we should be frightened — deeply afraid for the future of the nation. When good men and women can’t speak the truth, when facts are inconvenient, when integrity and character no longer matter, when presidential ego and self-preservation are more important than national security — then there is nothing left to stop the triumph of evil."

And, former acting Attorney General Sally Yates joined McRaven yesterday in warning Americans that President Trump will do everything in his power to hush up Russian interference in our coming election.

Yates, Twitter: "This is a screaming red siren, but in the daily barrage of crazy, can we hear it? Trump is not only trying to rewrite history of Russia’s intervention in 2016, he is now using the power of the presidency to conceal their 2020 scheme to re-elect him. Dangerous!"

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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