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Alabama's New GOP Senator, Tommy Tuberville, Immediately Demonstrates that He is a Bit of a Moron

Call me an elitist, but I believe that US senators should have some basic knowledge of history and science in order to make important decisions after the nation's future. That really isn't asking too much...right?

Tommy Tuberville gained notoriety as Auburn's former football coach. He retired from coaching in 2016 and moved from Florida to Alabama to run for the Senate. He defeated Jeff Sessions in the state's Republican primary after being endorsed by Donald Trump and on Nov. 3rd, beat Doug Jones to become Alabama’s next U.S. Senator.

As one might expect from a Republican in Alabama, Tuberville ran as a hard core conservative. He opposes abortion, favors repealing Obamacare, supports Trump's wall, wants cuts to social welfare programs and dismisses climate change, arguing that we don't have anything to fear because God controls the climate.

OK, I haven't been to Alabama for awhile, so maybe "God controls the climate" passes as science down there, but I thought Southerners loved American history. Apparently not.

Yesterday, Tuberville related a story to supporters in Montgomery about how his father during WWII had landed at Normandy and helped to liberate "Paris from socialism and communism.” WTF? Is it possible that a future US Senator thinks that we fought Russia instead of Germany during WWII, or that Hitler was a communist rather than a Nazi and a fascist? Or, maybe, he just doesn't understand what any of those terms mean.

And, no, this isn't nitpicking; Tuberville is going to have some say in the future of US foreign policy and it shouldn't be too much to ask that he have some very basic understanding of the nation's history.

PS: Tuberville also said today that he thinks the 3 branches of the federal government are the Senate, House, and executive. So, apparently he hasn't read the Constitution either.


By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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