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After Va. Beach Shooting the Vast Majority of Virginia Voters Want More Gun Regulation

When the Virginia General Assembly meets in special session on July 9th, voters want them to pass new gun regulations. A new poll from Public Policy Polling of 4 key legislative districts in the state finds overwhelming support for a variety of new gun laws meant to address the recent mass shooting in Virginia Beach and similar attacks across the country. Moreover, it found broad support for more regulation even though the poll's sample [like the districts] was skewed towards Trump voters over Clinton voters [49-41%]. And, self identified conservatives outnumbered progressives 36-29 in the sample.

The polling results:

62% support banning the sale of military style semi-automatic assault weapons.

83% support a law that would allow family members or law enforcement to ask a judge to temporarily suspend a person’s access to guns if they have evidence that the person poses a significant threat to themselves or others.

63% support a ban on high-capacity magazines that hold over 10 bullets.

It's true that the recent attack in Virginia Beach likely impacted these results, but it should give Republicans in the Virginia General Assembly pause. Voters across the country are tired of "thoughts and prayers," and want a bit more action.

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