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81 Nobel Laureates Sign Letter Backing Biden So that "Science & Truth" Mean Something Again

Eighty-one Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry, Medicine and Physics endorsed Joe Biden for president in an open letter today, citing the former vice president's "willingness to listen to experts" and his "deep appreciation for using science to find solutions." And, many of the scientists seem quite eager to share their reasons for backing Biden over Donald Trump.

CNN: "The multiple crises facing our country, including one of misinformation, requires a leader with profound admiration for science and truth," said Roger Kornberg, the winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize in chemistry. "I support Joe Biden's pro-science agenda and sensible approach to public health decisions. A true leader who will face the truth and be honest with the American people."
"Now more than ever, our country needs elected leaders who make decisions based on science," said Elizabeth Blackburn, the winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize in medicine. "Joe Biden is the strong, compassionate leader we need to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. He'll listen to the scientific and medical community to create solutions that will finally get us out of this deadly pandemic and improve the health of the American people."
"I support Joe Biden because of his long record of making policy, informed by science, to deal with large, complicated issues like cancer, climate change and nuclear proliferation," said Barry Barish, the 2017 Nobel Prize winner in physics. "More immediately, we absolutely must elect Joe with his science-based approach to successfully lead us out of the Covid-19 pandemic."

Scientists generally stay well away from politics, but this year the choice is clear and the stakes are unusually high.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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