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3 Reasons Why Trump's New Social Network Will Fail Spectacularly

On Wednesday, Donald Trump introduced TRUTH Social, a Twitter-like platform with posts that will hilariously be called TRUTHs instead of tweets, and from which the former president can preach to the faithful without "big tech," as he calls them, intervening to stop him from spreading delusional and often dangerous conspiracy theories.

Trump's new platform will fail spectacularly and may even destroy the other right-wing social networks in the process. Here's why:

1 The Practical Reasons: Other than his hardcore followers, no one is clamoring for another Twitter and the web is about innovation, not cloning old ideas and rebranding them with childishly inaccurate names. If Trump and his kids could come up with something new and fresh, perhaps they would stand a chance of success, but as we know from his presidency, this is not a clan prone to fits of creativity.

Moreover, Trump associate Jason Miller already created a conservative Twitter clone called Gettr, which no one would be faulted for forgetting. And, conspiracy theory aficionados can also partake of Parler, another right-wing social network on life support. Trump's network won't be much more successful than the others, but it might cannibalize what audience Parler and Gettr have left.

2. You can't "Own the Libs" on a fringe social network. Trumpism, at its heart, is about being a jerk, openly and in the face of all the "elite," know-it-all intellectuals and "woke" bleeding heart snow flakes. Writing a bunch of racist, misogynistic garbage or spreading wacky conspiracy theories isn't any fun if you aren't offending someone. So, what's the point.

3. Demographics: In 2020 the only age group that Trump won by a substantial margin was the Silent Generation, those born between 1928 and 1945. They now make up a very small slice of the population and the vast majority aren't surfing the web. If one was going to build a new social network, you would want to reach Gen Z and Millenials, but they overwhelmingly rejected Trumpism in 2020 and aren't likely to sign on to a conspiracy theories all the time social network, except to hack it or get a laugh.

In the end, Trump is just trying to make a few bucks and remain relevant, but the entire enterprise will be no more successful than his president-in-exile blog which failed in the Spring after just 29 days.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content

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