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Theresa May’s New Brexit Deal Rejected By All Sides

Prime Minister Theresa May’s New Brexit deal was rejected yesterday by both those that support leaving the European Union [EU] and those that want to stay. In offering compromises to both sides she seems to have satisfied no one.

Most significantly, she opened the door to a second referendum to satisfy those who support staying within the EU.

The Guardian: "May sought to woo remainers by promising that if MPs support the deal at its second reading in early June, she will offer them a vote on a referendum as the legislation passes through parliament – and be bound by the result."

Actually, May didn't offer a second referendum, just a vote in Parliament on whether to hold a second referendum. But, that enraged Brexiteers without satisfying remainers.

The Guardian: "The referendum pledge sparked a backlash almost immediately, with several Tories who have supported her in the past, including Harlow MP Robert Halfon, saying they could not back a bill that appeared to open the door to reversing the 2016 vote."

“If Theresa May is now supporting a second referendum, it makes it very hard for me to support the latest Wab when it comes to the House of Commons,” he said. “This is a betrayal of the 2016 referendum and a betrayal of everything she has been saying since she became prime minister.”

Axios: "Even the People's Vote, which has long advocated for a second referendum on a final Brexit deal, said in a statement: "Today she tried to spice up the same old deal with a series of supposedly new concessions, but then admitted she had no way of guaranteeing that she could deliver any of them."

The Prime Minister will have just a few weeks to convince Parliament that her legislation is the only way out of the nation's Brexit nightmare.

New York Times: "The vote on legislation to leave the bloc, known as the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, is scheduled for the week beginning June 3. It is likely to be the final significant act of Mrs. May’s tenure, as she has promised to set a date for her departure after the decision, ending almost three troubled years in power."

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