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More Than a Million May March in London to Protest Trump's Visit in June

Among progressive activists here in the UK, the Brexit mess has taken a back seat to Donald Trump's upcoming visit. London is buzzing with plans to protest Trump's state visit on June 3-5. Over one million Londoners could take to the streets to protest the President's visit to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day. During his last trip to the UK in 2018 more than 250,000 protesters joined to oppose his policies.

Trump's climate change and immigration policies, among others, are not popular in the UK and protest organizers are expecting record crowds. They may even break out the Trump baby blimp again, possibly a much larger version.

The Independent: "The six-metre-high balloon – depicting Mr Trump as an orange, nappy-wearing infant – was first hoisted in Parliament Square during his visit to Britain last year and campaigners are hoping to stage even bigger demonstrations when he arrives in June."

"Leo Murray, who helped crowdfund the blimp last year, and his fellow activists are reportedly “toying” with the idea of raising money for a baby hot air balloon about five times the size of the original balloon."

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