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Illuminate is Traveling to England to Check In on the Brexit Mess

We are on our way to London today for some R & R, but we also hope to garner some insight into how the British are dealing with the never-ending Brexit turmoil. In the latest news, talks between PM Theresa May and the Labour Party broke down this week when they couldn't reach agreement. One, of many, sticking points is whether any eventual Brexit agreement should be put to a public referendum.

The Guardian: "The government and Labour have sought to blame each other after cross-party talks to find a compromise Brexit plan collapsed, leaving any remaining hopes of an imminent solution to the impasse in tatters."

"While both sides insisted the discussions had taken place in good faith, Theresa May said a sticking point had been Labour splits over a second referendum."

"Labour in turn said the government had been unwilling to compromise and that May’s imminent departure from Downing Street meant there was no guarantee any promises would be kept by a successor such as Boris Johnson."

PM May and Pro-Brexit forces in the UK strongly oppose a second referendum, and with good reason according to the most recent polls.

The Guardian: "If a second referendum were held between the options of leaving the EU on the prime minister’s deal or remaining in the EU, 46% say they would vote to remain (unchanged on a fortnight ago) while 34% would vote to leave (down 4%)."

Many in the UK liked the idea of Brexit, but, the actual consequences...... not so much.

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