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For the First Time More People Claim No Religion Than Any Specific Religious Affiliation

In a survey of over 2,000 people conducted by Professor Ryan Burge, of Eastern Illinois University, more people claim to have no religion than claimed to be Catholic or evangelical Christian. "No Religion" tallied 23.1%, while Catholics came in at 23.0%, and evangelicals totaled 22.5%. It's the first time "No Religion" has led in a survey of American religious identity,

Nonbelievers make up a growing proportion of America, but it's still politically risky to admit that you aren't religious.

CNN: "Whatever the causes, the non-religious represent a growing constituency. Yet this demographic is greatly underrepresented in Washington's halls of power. There is not a single open atheist amid the most diverse Congress in history, according to a Pew study."

There are more Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims than admitted atheists in Congress. Expect that to change in coming years, however, as the number of nonbelievers in society grows and the anticipated political penalty shrinks. Even in conservative Arizona, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema won her election in 2018 despite being religiously unaffiliated. Other politicians may follow her example in 2020.

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