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Trump's Attacks on John McCain are Bizarre and Repulsive

Why on earth would the most powerful leader on the planet choose to spend his days nursing old grudges against a deceased war hero? Trump's attacks on John McCain serve no purpose other than to satisfy some malignant need to sully the late Senator's reputation and inflict pain on his family. Normal people don't act that way. They just don't.

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci captured it perfectly on CNN yesterday when he called it "an unnatural social act.” Exactly.

Moreover, the President didn't just attack McCain on Twitter, he took time out of an economic policy address in Ohio, apropos of nothing in the speech, to renew his attacks, sinking to a new low of pettiness.

The Atlantic: ”Trump went on to say that he had “never liked [McCain] much..... I really probably never will.” He wasn’t finished. Trump noted that he’d approved state funeral arrangements for McCain. And he said, “I gave him the kind of funeral that he wanted … but I didn’t get a thank you.”

The crowd in Ohio went silent during his attacks on McCain, not wanting to further encourage the President's melt-down.

A combat vet texted CNN's Jake Tapper with perhaps the best summation of this sickening episode saying, “Trump’s McCain comments hurt my soul. How have we arrived at a place where this is even possible, and how can no Republican leadership take a stand on this? Have we no decency?”

Peter Wehner, a contributing editor at The Atlantic and a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center warns that Trump's obsession with the late Sen. McCain is more evidence of a worrisome trend with the President.

The Atlantic: "It doesn’t take a person with an advanced degree in psychology to see Trump’s narcissism and lack of empathy, his vindictiveness and pathological lying, his impulsivity and callousness, his inability to be guided by norms, or his shamelessness and dehumanization of those who do not abide his wishes. His condition is getting worse, not better—and there are now fewer people in the administration able to contain the president and act as a check on his worst impulses."

Worrisome indeed.

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