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Christmas Albums the World Didn't Need

The first time that my parents pulled the Jim Nabors Christmas album out of its cover and played it on our hi-fi I realized what must be playing in the background of Hell. Forget the Dantesque medieval symphonies, if I was a bad person I would forever be forced to listen to Jim Nabors bolix "White Christmas" and "Jingle Bells". It was enough to make me walk the straight and narrow ever since.

Bing did "White Christmas". Period. It's perfection. Dean did "Winter Wonderland", Nat did the "Christmas Song", and Frank did "Let it Snow". Please, can't we all just get on the same page with this? Obviously not.

Every year I am both amazed and amused as formally revered rock and pop artists have thought it appropriate to release an album of Christmas covers or original holiday songs. I am willing to admit that some performers have captured the spirit of the season [Elvis, The Beach Boys, Bruce], but most of these albums seem to exist just to snatch a few of those Christmas dollars from their adoring fans.

And, the album covers....sweet Jesus; what were they thinking?

Billy Idol...really!

Colonel Sanders...."Finger Licking Good" Christmas

David Hasselhoff ....Oh, for the love of God.

Jim Nabors. This album ruined my life.

Jimmy....what were you thinking.

Ringo. As good as his other solo albums!

And, who could forget Tiny Tim's Christmas Album. An abomination!

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