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Five Stories That Illustrate How Trump Defiles the Presidency and Humiliates America Every Day

Not a day goes by without a story from the White House that demeans the presidency and diminishes America's place in the world. They come so fast that even the 24 hour cable channels can't keep up. One day it seems like the administration is run by the Three Stooges, the next by Joseph McCarthy. Here is just a sampling from the last few days which, in a normal presidency, would seem like enough lies, stupidity and corruption for an entire term of office.

1. Trump wants us to rake the forests like the Finns. Actually, Finland has some wonderful things to teach the world about forest management, but this isn't one of them. The President just made this up. But, it has provided hours of entertainment for bored Finns.

LA Times: Among Finns, though, what caused the most giddy outbursts of incredulity on social media was Trump’s suggestion that Finns have somehow avoided California’s fate by spending their time outdoors raking the forest floors. The hashtag #haravointi — raking in Finnish — quickly began ricocheting around the internet, with Finns posting mock photos of themselves posing with rakes in the forest. Some dug up old images of Finnish soldiers in the woods during World War II, added rakes and invented new farcical captions referencing Trump’s comment. Even Finland’s nationally beloved cartoon character, a cuddly marshmallow-like animal named Moomin, made appearances exhorting Finns to keep raking.

2. Trump backs down and returns Jim Acosta's White House Press Pass. Even Fox News joined the law suit to overturn Acosta's ban. The edited video released by the White House, however, should remind us all how far this administration is willing to go to undermine the press and distort the truth.

Reliable Sources, Brian Stelter: "Something much, much bigger is going on. Trump's assault on truth. Trying to blacklist Acosta is just one small part of that. Trump calls real news "fake," he calls fake news "real," he insists on being the only reliable source for his fans. This is happening every day. This is the real overarching challenge of the Trump years... "

3. Trump decides its time to end the military on the border stunt. America's military personnel are like extras in the President's demented immigration reality show. In April he sent National Guard forces to the border, but he needed something a bit more dramatic for the midterms so he ordered active duty personnel to help out with the "caravan" of "bad people" and "unknown middle easterners" funded by George Soros. Even writing that sentence makes one's skin crawl..... and laugh out loud. But isn't that the essence of Trump's America?

In a piece for the New York Times, Gordon Adams, Lawrence B. Wilkerson, and Isaiah Wilson III capture the harm of such stunts, how they undermine faith in the civilian leadership of our armed forces. Two of them were Army Colonels and the third is a professor emeritus at American University’s School of International Service.

New York Times: "Electoral gain, not security, is this president’s goal. Two of us served in the military for many years; while all troops must obey the legal and ethical orders of civilian leaders, they need to have faith that those civilian leaders are using them for legitimate national security purposes. But the border deployment put the military right in the middle of the midterm elections, creating a nonexistent crisis to stimulate votes for one party."

4. Trump dumps on retired Navy Admiral William McRaven who led the operation that bagged Osama bin Laden. McRaven has criticized the President and argues that Trump is undermining America's democracy by undermining the press.

McRaven quoted in USA Today: "I stand by my comment that the President's attack on the media is the greatest threat to our democracy in my lifetime. When you undermine the people's right to a free press and freedom of speech and expression, then you threaten the Constitution and all for which it stands."

In response, Trump suggested that McRaven should have killed bin Laden "a lot sooner". So, is he suggesting that McRaven is incompetent and thus knows nothing about the Constitution or press freedoms? Or, is he just smearing his reputation like he did John McCain's for no logical reason?

5. Trump calls Rep. Adam Schiff of California "little Adam Schitt" in a tweet Sunday. So, the question is....does our President have the mind of a seven year old or does he believe that his supporters do, or perhaps both.

No words...face palm...the end. When will this national nightmare be over.

Make America Rake Again!

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