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A New Study Finds That Police Officers Understand the Benefits of Body Cameras

A new study conducted by researchers at Florida Atlantic University and the University of the West of Scotland and published in the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology found that police officers regret the need for body cameras, but also understand their benefits. They recognize that they have brought about positive behavioral changes among officers and provide them protection against spurious citizen complaints.

Florida Atlantic University News: "In general, the study shows that police officers’ perceptions of body-worn cameras were positive. Officers believe that the cameras protect them like an “extra set of eyes” and provide a better idea of what really happens during their public encounters, offering a more complete narrative of what actually transpired when the facts of an incident are contested."....

"Other results of the study show that body-worn cameras also prompted changes in citizens’ behaviors and resulted in reduced numbers of complaints levied against the police because they knew that the officers were wearing cameras. Regarding the use of force, the researchers note that Taser use also declined with the adoption of body-worn cameras. Collectively, police officers believe that body-worn cameras have the ability to foster a culture of accountability for law enforcement as well as citizens."

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