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Democrats Capture House and Flip Seven Governorships But Republicans Retain the Senate

The midterm elections turned out much as expected with Democrats capturing the House with about 30 additional seats, probably more as California's votes are counted. Democrats also picked up seven Governorships, defeating Scott Walker in Wisconsin and Kris Kobach in Kansas among others. Republicans will pick up several Senate seats, but Beto O'Rourke came within a whisker of knocking off Ted Cruz in Texas. Beto for President? Don't be surprised!

The era of divided government returns to Washington and the 2020 Presidential race starts tomorrow. And, we might finally get to see the President's tax returns.

Additionally, Robert Mueller, who properly took a break in the run-up to the election, will return to the spotlight shortly.

Those who hoped politics would take a break after the midterms are going to be disappointed.

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