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700,000 March in London For a Second Brexit Vote

The turnout yesterday for a rally against Brexit was far larger than organizers ever expected and reflects growing support for a second referendum. 700,000 marched through Central London demanding a “people’s vote" on the divisive issue now that citizens understand the negative consequences of leaving the European Union.

The Guardian: "The Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable said the march showed that British people were beginning to realise that politicians could not deliver a successful Brexit that would protect their jobs, livelihoods and their children’s futures. They were afraid of the havoc that would ensue, and wanted a chance to stop it."

“People have woken up to the potential disaster,” Cable said. “We’ve realised there isn’t a good deal coming out of this and a lot of people are frightened, people are worried.”

Prime Minister Theresa May has been in talks with EU officials for months negotiating Britain's exit from the Union, but a final agreement has been illusive.

New York Times: "Britain is scheduled to leave the bloc on March 29, but negotiations have been plagued by disagreements, particularly over the issue of the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which will be the United Kingdom’s only land frontier with the European Union after the process known as Brexit."

"There are growing fears of a “no deal” exit, which could create chaos at the borders and in the economy."

May has ruled out another Brexit referendum but popular opinion has turned against leaving as voters have come to realize the negative consequences of their decision. And former Tory Prime Minister John Major recently joined the chorus calling for a second Brexit vote now that the people fully understand the issue.

Financial Times: "[John Major] He could see no democratic argument, he said, against a second referendum to place before people the details of what it would mean. But he added: “There are political arguments for those who fear that a second referendum based on fact not fantasy will get a different result.”

You can see some of the best signs from the march here. The Brits make great posters!

Photo Credit: Ilovetheeu, People's Vote March, June, 2018

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