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Kanye West and Donald Trump's Meeting in the Oval Office Probably Says All You Need to Know Abou

For historians in the future there will be many moments to demonstrate how America went off the rails in the late 2010s. But exhibit one may be this video of Kanye West in the Oval office at what was billed as a policy meeting about prison reform and solutions to inner city problems in America.

The Guardian: "There was cursing, there was a hug, there was a weird monologue that felt as if it would never end. Donald Trump and rapper Kanye West displayed their celebrity bromance on Thursday in the strangest White House collision between politics and music since Richard Nixon hosted Elvis. West launched into an impassioned, zigzagging stream of consciousness that skipped through race relations, tax breaks, criminal justice and mental health, including the most peculiar justification yet of why he supports the president."

So, what exactly was Kanye talking about? CNN provides us a crib sheet on the various points in his rant.

CNN: "Here are some ideas West raised:

Bring Trump factories and Yeezy ideation centers to Chicago.

His MAGA hat makes him feel like a superhero.

Make the dopest ... no the "flyest" cars.

School is boring. Kids should play basketball while they are doing math.

Time doesn't exist.

Stop worrying about the future. We only have today.

Trump and Colin Kaepernick wearing "Make America Great" hats at the Super Bowl.

Stop-and-frisk is bad.

The solution to police brutality is love.

Something about an Iplane.

Opening up industries and tax breaks.

Something about liberals distracting black people by focusing on racism."

And something about alternate universes....and Hoover.

And, so, what was the point of the meeting, the action items? Nothing obviously, but it did provide an opportunity for the President to show the world that at least one black guy doesn't think that he is a total loser. And for Donald Trump, that was probably enough.

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