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New Poll Finds Gender Gap for Midterm Elections Has Grown to 30 Points and That Democrats Have the A

A new CNN/SRSS poll conducted as Judge Kavanaugh was being confirmed to the Supreme Court found that 54% of likely voters will support a Democrat in their house district while just 41% will support the Republican candidate.

The gender gap in this election continues to widen, possibly influenced in this poll by the Kavanaugh nomination fight. The gap has now grown to 30 percentage points.

CNN: "Women's support for Democratic candidates remains extremely strong; 63% of women say they'll vote for the Democrat and only a third say they'll vote for the Republican. Men are more closely divided, but tilt in the opposite direction, with half backing the Republican and 45% behind the Democrat."

The poll also found that Democrats are more excited by the opportunity to vote in November than Republicans.

CNN: "This year, Democrats' enthusiasm about their congressional vote has increased and 62% now say they're extremely or very enthusiastic to vote, up seven points since September among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents. Among Republicans and Republican leaning independents, enthusiasm has remained relatively steady, going from 50% in September to 52% in the most recent poll."

"Democratic enthusiasm this year is more intense than it has been in previous midterm cycles, which typically engage voters less than presidential years. The 40% who call themselves "extremely enthusiastic" is the highest share to say so in a midterm election cycle since CNN first asked the question in 2009."

The website "Five Thirty Eight" is compiling all the polls and forecasts for the November midterm elections. See them here. They currently give Democrats a 78% chance of winning back the House, but only a 20% chance of taking the Senate.

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