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If Kavanaugh Really Wants to Clear His Name He Should Demand an FBI Investigation

The American Bar Association, Republican Governors, many US Senators and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford have all asked for an FBI investigation prior to a vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court. It could be done quickly and still allow a vote prior to the midterm elections that Senate leader Mitch McConnell obviously fears.

It's odd, however, that Judge Kavanaugh has not joined the chorus of voices calling for a full investigation. He must realize that his appointment to the court will always be tainted without such an investigation, so he has the most to gain. The hearings yesterday were high drama, but hardly a full and fair investigation of the facts surrounding the incident. More importantly, if Republicans now rush to a vote, they also must know that facts about Kavanaugh's life and that night in 1982 will dribble out in the press day by day for months to come.

Republicans will probably get the votes they need to confirm Kavanaugh, but without a thorough investigation that will not be the end of this story, far from it.


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