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If Brett Kavanaugh was Accused of Selling Drugs Instead of Sexual Assault Would the Response from Se

If Christine Blasey Ford had said that Brett Kavanaugh had sold her coke at the same high school party, would President Trump and Senate Republicans be as adamant about not having the FBI investigate? I wonder if the nature of the alleged crime plays some role in how seriously they view Professor Ford's accusations.

It's true that we will probably never know for sure what happened at that party more than 30 years ago when Kavanaugh was 17, but would the Senate be expending a bit more effort to uncover the truth if the allegations involved a drug crime, or even a home burglary, instead of a sexual assault?

Some of the rather disturbing comments from Kavanaugh supporters might hold the answer to my question.

Vox: "Kavanaugh issued a strong denial of the allegations against him last week"...."But these denials haven’t stopped some of Kavanaugh’s supporters from arguing that even if he did what Ford alleges, it wouldn’t be so bad. Fox News columnist Stephen Miller tweeted, “it was drunk teenagers playing seven minutes of heaven.”

“Man, I hope all the people who are making this case had spotless lives at 17, because I sure as hell didn’t,” tweeted Federalist contributor Tom Nichols."

"And a lawyer close to the White House, speaking anonymously to Politico, said, “If somebody can be brought down by accusations like this, then you, me, every man certainly should be worried. We can all be accused of something.”

“The salient question about Ford’s allegations became, in some quarters, not whether they are true, but rather whether they count as allegations at all,” Megan Garber wrote at the Atlantic. “The cruelties she describes — the alleged acts of dehumanization that left her traumatized, she says, as a 15-year-old and, still, as an adult — might be ‘terrible,’ yes, but they are also … simply part of the natural order of things. Boys, figuring out how to be men.”

Yikes! Nope, I'm pretty sure that it's not normal for 17 year old boys to take girls into a room, hold them down, cover their mouths and try to rip their clothes off to have sex.

Again, we may never know for sure what happened, but we should be taking it a bit more seriously than some of Judge Kavanaugh's supporters....and Republican members of the US Senate.

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