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Support for Brexit Declines in Britain as Young Voters Turn Against Leaving the EU

A new poll shows the British are cooling on the idea of leaving the European Union.

Business Insider: "Voters would back remaining in the EU by an 8-point margin in a new Brexit referendum, according to new polling."

"The study, led by polling guru Professor John Curtice, found that 54% of voters would back remaining in a fresh vote, compared to 46% who would vote to leave."

Much of the renewed support for remaining in the EU came from young voters.

Business Insider: "It also found that younger voters would be most likely to swing a new vote in favour of Remain. Only 70% of those aged less than 40 who voted Leave say they would do so again, while no less than 89% of Leave supporters aged 60 and above say the same."

Curtice's poll reflects growing concerns in Britain that the nation's economy would suffer as the result of leaving the European Union, and a general distrust in Prime Minister Theresa May's ability to negotiate a favorable deal with the EU.

So far, May has ruled out the possibility of a new Brexit vote, insisting that it would be a "gross betrayal of our democracy," but it's no longer out of the question.

Photo credit: UK Home Office

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