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Trump Threatens Another Government Shutdown Over What? Yes It's That Wall Again

The President's shutdown strategy puts federal employees at risk of not receiving their paychecks and may close National Parks across the country.

What's the PROBLEM? You know what the PROBLEM is. It's the wall again. And Mr. Trump means to have his wall. But, some Republicans aren't on board with the President's threat.

The Hill: "Trump's threats have rattled Republicans, who believe a shutdown ahead of the election would hurt their party. And the Wall Street Journal suggests that the President is taking the advice of Stephen Bannon who believes a shutdown fight just before the Fall elections would "polarize the electorate to drive voter turnout among the Trump base."

Its a deeply cynical strategy, one Americans should reject. Federal employees and their families aren't pawns, and our parks belong to Americans of every political persuasion?

The New York Times discusses Trump's threat to shut down the Federal Government here.

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