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Support Cuba's First Clothing Brand Available in the US, "Clandestina"

Because of America's Cold War era embargo of Cuba, its been impossible to purchase clothing designed on the island, and generally it still is. However, "Clandestina" has now made it possible to support Cuban artists who design their t-shirts in Havana, but print them in Columbia, SC and ship them from there.

About Clandestina: "Founded in 2015 by designer Idania Del Rio, Clandestina is Cuba's first clothing brand, and a unique collective of designers, artists, and creators. All the products are designed by a team of artists based in Old Havana, sourced from whatever we can find, made wherever we need to make them, and brought to you however we can.

We are artists and designers. We are entrepreneurs and creators. We are women, and men, and anything in between. We are LGBTQ, we are of every race, and background, and belief. Plus we're funny. Hilarious, in fact. Super, super funny."

We bought the one below for ourselves! "Resist and Overcome" has a slightly different meaning for Americans these days. Its designed in Havana, manufactured in Nicaragua and screen-printed in Columbia, South Carolina.

You can see it on their site here.

#Cuba #fashion

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