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Slow But Positive Changes In Store for Cuba Including Gay Marriage and Private Property Rights

Miguel Díaz-Canel, who took over as Cuba's President in April, is ushering in reforms in Cuba, but don't expect multi-party elections any time soon. Still, Cuba’s new draft constitution recognizes private property rights, sets term limits for the office of president, and opens the door to same-sex marriage. The Communist Party will remain the guiding force of reform but it will now focus on building a modern and sustainable socialist society.

Business Insider: "Laying out the new constitution to lawmakers on Saturday, the secretary of the council of state, Homero Acosta, said it included the recognition of private property, something long stigmatized by the Communist Party as a vestige of capitalism.

That change should give greater legal recognition to the micro businesses that have flourished in the wake of market reforms to the ailing state-run economy that have fostered a small but vibrant private sector and attempted to rake in more foreign investment."

But, the changes regarding gay marriage are even more substantial and a bit surprising given Cuba's history of discrimination toward gays and lesbians.

Miami Herald: "The official web page Cubadebate also reported Saturday that the new constitution would define marriage as “the consensual union between two people, regardless of gender.” That’s been one of the demands by LGBTI groups on the island and Raúl Castro’s daughter, Mariela, who heads a sex education center in Havana."

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