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Republicans Won't Abandon Trump Even After Yesterday's Disgraceful Performance; Democrats Mu

President Trump will continue to face condemnation from Congressional Democrats, some Republicans, the intelligence community and the media for his performance at what is now uniformly called the "surrender summit." He has even faced criticism from many Fox employees, although Sean Hannity still seems to be firmly in his corner. But, don't expect mass resignations from the administration, or anything but tepid rebukes from Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell. Republicans believe that their Congressional majority depends on defending Trump no matter how much he debases the party and the nation.

Starting today, Trump and his Republican allies will attempt to refocus the conversation on their Supreme Court nominee in order to remind the base why it's essential not to abandon the President even if they are beginning to have doubts about his loyalty and competence. They won't allow Americans much time to consider the consequences of having a President who, for whatever reason, serves the interests of Vladimir Putin.

As I have said before in these pages, there is only one solution for those who want to step back from the ledge; register, work for local candidates, donate time and money, and vote. That's it...full stop. Forget Congressional oversight, don't expect Robert Mueller to take the President away in handcuffs, and don't depend on the media to unearth conclusive evidence of collusion with Russia. None of these are likely to happen.

If you are upset, and want to make a difference, pick up the phone and volunteer your time for a candidate, break out your checkbook, and help register voters. Republicans fear an energized Democratic electorate more than they fear the damage that our President is inflicting on our nation.

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