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All You Need to Know About Trump's Bizarre Visit With PM May in the UK

For those attempting to find some overarching strategy to Trump's wacko visit with PM Theresa May over the last two days, please stop. In planning for his meetings with the Prime Minister, our President did not sit down with advisers to discuss America's long term interests and formulate a strategy for the visit. His plan for the trip was to check off a few of the usual boxes to keep his base happy, be seen with the Queen and then fly off to Scotland for an infomercial at his golf club. That's it. Don't read anything else into it. Its that simple.

Regarding those boxes to check off, he got most of that out of the way with his interview with the Sun tabloid yesterday. In no particular order, he got to bash immigrants, brag that he predicted Brexit and could have done it better, gave the European Union a good kick, claimed that he was more beloved than Lincoln, and undermined May with her Tory party while earning some points with Boris Johnson, the former Mayor of London, Trump admirer, and Brexit hardliner. Much of it was demonstrably untrue and the rest was just the usual patchwork of nationalist, Europe-bashing foolishness.

But, Trump knew that everything he said today at his news conference with PM May would be filtered through his Sun comments so he felt free to complement her on her handling of Brexit, spoke of the need for a bilateral trade agreement and called his Sun interview "fake news." Of course, he also took the opportunity to trash immigrants again and build up Boris Johnson, but at least he didn't insinuate that PM May was an idiot while standing beside her.

Post scrips: Trump protests continue to grow and much of London is shut down. More than 100,000 demonstrators have gathered in London, buts its peaceful. The BBC has some great live photos of the protests here.

Trump claimed at the news conference that he had predicted the Brexit vote the day before it happened while visiting Turnberry, Scotland. Turns out, he wasn't there until the day after the vote. Who could have guessed?

Photo from an earlier visit.

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