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Unless He Has Some Skeletons, Brett Kavanaugh Will Be Confirmed By the Senate

Democratic activists will pressure their Senators to oppose Kavanaugh and most will, but Republicans only need 50 votes to confirm and they will get those unless the nominee has some, as yet unknown, skeletons in his closet. There is some hope that because Kavanaugh has been in government for so long that his long paper trail could slow the confirmation process until after the mid-terms, but that is a long shot. It would take an Anita Hill moment to derail the confirmation.

Anyone counting on Sens. Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski will be disappointed. They will grumble a bit and then vote to confirm. Several red state Democrats will join them.

Democrats will have just one chance to undo the damage President Trump has inflicted on America and that opportunity will be on 11/6/18.

Vox has a good background piece on Kavanaugh here. For the most part, he will be a reliable conservative vote, but with a touch of independence, much like Chief Justice Roberts.

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