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Is It Possible That Scott Pruitt Has a Copy of the "Moscow Pee Tape"

How is it possible that Scott Pruitt still heads the EPA? Even Donald Trump must suffer some mild revulsion when he hears of Pruitt's latest impropriety. Can't the President find someone else to screw-up the environment? There must be dozens of Republican Congressmen just drooling over the opportunity to pump more toxic chemicals into our air and water supply.

Scott Pruitt has racked up more scandals in a shorter period of time than any government official in a generation, and his name is becoming synonymous with corruption and self-dealing. It's now possible to shut-up a Trump supporter by simply uttering his name. Media outlets are publishing scorecards of his corruption scandals so we all don't get lost in the tidal wave of almost daily revelations. See partial lists here and here. And what is his thing with used mattresses?

After the latest round of scandals, almost no Republican in Congress will speak up to support Pruitt, and both Republicans and Democrats have suggested that his presence in the administration will help Democrats win back the House this Fall. So why does Trump continue to support him? I'm not suggesting that I know the answer, but its an interesting mystery.

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