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Erdogan's Victory Will Undermine Turkey's Democracy

Erdogan's victory yesterday, amid claims of fraud by his opponents, may well mark the beginning of a dark era in Turkey's history. He will take office this time with new dictatorial powers which will help him undermine what is left of Turkey's democratic institutions much like Putin has in Russia. And its the worst possible news for the tens of thousands of elected officials, lawyers, judges, journalists, and political opponents Erdogan has jailed in the last few years.

The Guardian: “We never bow down in front of anyone except God,” he declared. Erdoğan had no kind words for his defeated challengers. He offered no olive branch to the roughly 47% of the electorate that did not back him or his AKP-led parliamentary alliance. Given his daunting record since 2003, vanquished rivals have cause to fear political payback once the dust settles. Retribution is something Erdoğan excels at."

"Now it will be even easier as he assumes the quasi-dictatorial powers of executive president that were narrowly agreed in a referendum last year. These give him personal authority to appoint and dismiss ministers, dissolve parliament, issue decrees, appoint judges, direct the armed forces and declare war."

More from the Guardian here.


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