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The Goats of Kinzers (Part II)

(The Goats of Kinzers PI here)

My questions about these goats weren't so unusual: 1) How long have they been there? 2) Is this a "goat dynasty", where generations of goats have tended to this property? 3) Has a goat ever fallen into the quarry, only to drown? 4) Who feeds the goats? 5) Have they been NAMED?

I can answer a few of these questions. No, there is no "goat dynasty." Goats have been there at least 15 years, according to an old timer at the fire company I talked to. But I feel that the answer is more like 35 years, from my own observations - and goats can live up to 15-18 years. The goats have been bought by the fire company in the spring, and sold at the end of the year for many years. But since some of the fire company members have been feeding them in the colder months ( with hay donated by member Dwight Groff ), many of these goats have remained on a yearly basis.

Yes, a goat once lost its footing and fell into the water, and couldn't find his way to the side of the quarry. I spoke to the man who dropped a canoe into the water to lead the critter to safety.

And here is where I felt my first pang. There was something about goats for this city boy that has dug deeply into his soul. And it has nothing to do with the Lincoln Highway. Or does it?

The Goats of Kinzers PIII here

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