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F.B.I. Sent an Informant to Talk to Several Trump Campaign Advisers After They Found Evidence That T

President Trump is again attempting to create an alternative reality to help fend off the Mueller probe into his campaign's ties with Russia. The President wants the public to believe that the FBI sent an undercover agent to talk to several of his campaign advisers, without cause, to spy on his campaign and assist the Clinton campaign. And that is the narrative you will hear from Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and administration officials next week. They believe the story presents another vehicle to undermine the FBI and the Mueller investigation.

On Twitter the President posted, "If the FBI or DOJ was infiltrating a campaign for the benefit of another campaign, that is a really big deal."

The New York Times which broke much of this story explains that the truth, is a bit different. The FBI used the informant to obtain more information about Russian ties to the Trump campaign. In other words, they were investigating evidence of a foreign power attempting to influence the election. And, for most of us, that is exactly what we would want them to do.

The two narratives will compete this week, but I think conservative columnist's Bill Kristol's tweet captures how unbelievable Trump's argument is:

If the purpose of investigating the Trump campaign had been to help Clinton, any dubious foreign connections that might have damaged Trump would have been leaked in October. They weren't. If anything, the Obama DOJ and FBI bent over backward not to hurt Trump or help Clinton.

And, if the FBI was so intent on helping Clinton win, why would FBI Director James Comey have given new life to the email server question just prior to the election? Clearly he wouldn't have and there is no evidence that the FBI had any interest in helping either campaign. They were simply doing what the FBI does, following the evidence.

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