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"Clean Meats" Coming to a Restaurant and Grocery Store Near You Soon.

It's very possible that we will see a day in the not too distant future when most of the meat we eat will not depend on slaughtering chickens, cows and pigs. It will be manufactured by companies like "Memphis Meats" and produced by extracting stem cells from those animals and growing those cells in a lab to create hamburger, steak, bacon, and chicken. And, if you believe the hype, it will taste as good [or better] and be safer to eat.

Per CNN: Bill Gates has invested millions in Memphis Meats, and there are dozens of other start-ups around the country who want to cash in on what will be a billion dollar industry very quickly. How quickly? CNN reports that some products will be in restaurants by the end of the year and in grocery stores by 2021.

And the best part of all this is that it has the potential, eventually, to reduce our dependence on slaughter-houses which kill tens of millions of animals each year. That is why PETA is investing a big chunk of its budget toward "clean meat" research.

Per The Independent: Additionally, "some environmentalists believe the process could be the key to reducing global warming, with one study predicting it could lower harmful greenhouse emissions by 96 per cent." ...."Livestock emit methane, a potent greenhouse gas, while land clearing and fertilizers release large quantities of carbon."

All of this sounds wonderful, but the test will be taste. We should know a lot more about that very soon.

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