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"Healthy America", a Healthcare Insurance Plan that Could Pass Congress if Democrats Win C

As Democrats formulate an agenda for the Fall campaign, one of the issues they must address is healthcare insurance. While Republicans were unsuccessful in dismantling Obamacare, they were able to chip away part of its foundation and price increases are expected later this year. And in exit polls from the special elections that Democrats have won [Conor Lamb] or did well in Republican districts [Hiral Tipirneni], paying for healthcare is an important issue that motivates Democratic turn-out.

In Congress, Bernie Sanders and other progressives have put forward Medicare for All plans [there are a variety of proposals], but paying for them remains a stumbling block. They also undercut the current employer-paid insurance system which is popular with many of the well-educated suburban voters that Democrats will need to win in the Fall.

The Urban Institute, a progressive think-tank, has proposed another idea that should have broad appeal called Healthy America which would dramatically reduce the number of uninsured. More importantly, it's a plan with a chance of becoming law. Perhaps its best feature is:

Dylan Scott, Vox: "It would not disrupt the existing employer or Medicare populations. I think that is the first challenge for a universal single-payer plan, so the Urban plan seeks to avoid it — though the tradeoff is it will not achieve universal coverage."

You can read more about the details of the plan here.


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