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Gun Control Does Reduce Gun Related Violence

As the debate continues in the US about the value of gun control legislation, a recent study sheds light on specific measures that successfully reduce gun violence.

A review of more than 130 studies around the world shows that gun control measures do reduce gun violence substantially, and the research points to specific measures that work best. After analyzing all of these studies, the researchers came up with three conclusions:

FIONA MACDONALD at Science Alert:

1. It usually takes major legislation overhaul - not just one new law - to see significant change.

2. Restricting access to guns and their purchase is associated with reductions in firearm deaths.

3. Individual studies need to be better executed and planned in the future to get more convincing results.

Regarding the first point researchers found that successful measures generally included:

1. Banning "weapons that are actually very powerful", for example, automatic weapons.

2. Implementing background checks.

3. They all required permits and licenses for purchasing guns

The research was carried out by a team including lead researcher Julian Santaella-Tenorio from Columbia University.


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