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Friday News Roundup: the Rudy Show, Lies, Crazy Republican Candidates, Wild Derby Hats

Rudy Giuliani has captured this week's news cycle as if he sought to make everyone else in the White House seem sane and in the process has added to his client's [yes, that one] legal woes. But, yesterday, just when you thought someone at the White House might have suggested that Rudy cool it a bit, he suggested that Ivanka Trump should be off-limits in the Mueller probe, but that men like her husband Jared Kushner are “disposable.” Was Rudy hinting at some type of a future deal with the Special Prosecutor?

Maybe even Trump supporters are tiring of his lies. Both Fox's Neil Cavuto and the Wall Street Journal called out Trump over his pattern of lies after Rudy's interview with Sean Hannity. Progress? Probably temporary at best.

If you are wondering why the Republican Party is essentially extinct in California, check out the views of its top candidate to run against Senator Diane Feinstein this Fall. From Newsweek's interview with Patrick Little:

"Patrick Little, a 33-year-old extremist who last week topped other Republican Senate candidates in a poll of the field, told Newsweek on Monday that he admires Adolf Hitler, and would prefer to see Jewish Americans deported to Israel. He falsely denied that the genocide of Jews took place during World War II and incorrectly suggested that Germany was not an aggressor during that conflict."

Wildest Kentucky Derby Hats: Huffpost has a great selection of the wildest Kentucky Derby hats here.


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