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Americans Warming up to Marijuana Legalization, But Have had Enough of Scott Pruitt - New Poll

Quinnipiac University released a national poll yesterday on a variety of topics with some surprising results. Several stand out.

1. First they found overwhelming support for marijuana legalization, 63 to 33%. And its broadly supported among all ethnic groups and ages except for those over 65.

2. Americans are really tired of Scott Pruitt as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. They oppose his handling of the job 52-25%, but its not clear if that is based on his policies or the multiple scandals that he is involved in.

3. A majority of us don't trust former FBI Director James Comey, but we trust Comey more than the President to tell the truth 54 to 35%.

4. We also trust the news media more than Trump [53-37], except for Republicans and whites without a college education who trust the President more. In another question, 51% of Republicans agreed that the "news media is the enemy of the people", which is probably the most disturbing aspect of the survey and demonstrates that Trumps constant attacks are having an impact within his base..

5. Special Counsel Robert Mueller still has substantial support, 54-31%, and most of us believe that the Russian government has compromising information about President Trump 53-35%.

6. But Democrats should be cautious in framing the Russian Investigation issue in the Fall election because by a margin of 55-38% Americans don't believe they should impeach Trump if they gain the majority in the mid-terms.

Interesting poll and you can read all the results here.


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