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The Perfect Beach - Montezuma, Costa Rica

I live in Virginia Beach a few blocks from the Atlantic ocean, but that has never stopped me from seeking out the best beaches [and beach bars] in the world. One of the best is Montezuma in Costa Rica near the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. Its still not easy to get there, but once you do, you start thinking of ways to stay...forever. My wife Brooke and I were there several years back and it is almost indescribable [but I will try]; nearly empty, wide, sandy beaches which extend for miles along undeveloped stretches of jungle. Our favorite was Playa Grande, which is about a 30 minute walk from the village of Montezuma.

The village itself is populated with a wonderful mix of Costa Rican entrepreneurs, surfers, backpackers, bohemian expat families, and couples looking for a romantic, adventurous getaway. In addition to the beaches, Montezuma has beautiful waterfalls just south of town, wildlife reserves, quirky art galleries, yoga classes on the beach and a vibrant nightlife with bars, restaurants and live music to fit every taste. It is, in short, heaven. Here is some touristy info on Montezuma, which actually doesn't do it justice. Cheers

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