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Another Crazy Week in Trump's America;Tariffs, Tweets, and Scandals

Its almost impossible to keep up with the conspiracy theories, scandals, and odd policy choices within the Trump administration....but we will always try. So, what happened this week?

Scott Pruitt tried to make the rest of the administration look comparison. As his various scandals multiply, Trump reportedly considers him as a replacement for Sessions at Justice...which should probably tell you all you need to know about Donald Trump. See his laundry list of misdeeds here at the Washington Post.

Trump ramps up the trade war with China. It seems like he is actually trying to see if he has the power to tank the stock market while also convincing his base that he has their backs on trade. Its not too late to step back from the cliff before these tariffs actually kick in, but I would sure hate to be a soybean farmer right now. See the latest at NPR here.

The National Guard will be sent to the border with Mexico as Trump's tweets totally misrepresent the situation. Sending the National Guard isn't particularly novel, its been done before, but generally not because Fox News concocted a story about a caravan of rapists and drug dealers from Honduras bearing down on America. But, whatever, I've written about it twice this week and the latest is here in an excellent piece at the Economist.

These stories pushed Gun Control off the front page, but probably not for long. The Democrat's victory in Wisconsin may be the story which has the greatest impact in the longer-term, and the question of withdrawing our troops from Syria will be an interesting one to follow over the next month, especially with Bolton joining the National Security team at the White House.

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