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Lock up the Valuables and Hide the Womenfolk, the Caravan is Coming!

Oh, for the love of God....can't we have a reasonable conversation about immigration any more? The Right realizes that this is a made-up BS story, don't doubt that for a moment. Those that manufactured the story are not stupid, but they know how to create a narrative that plays into the irrational fears of their viewers and readers. And they clearly know how to get Trump's attention.

The facts are simple: these folks form into caravans for self-protection on a very dangerous trip from Honduras; the vast majority will ask for refugee status in the US because of the extraordinary violence in their nation stemming from the ongoing drug wars; some will settle in Mexico along the way; and a few will try to enter America illegally. its been going on for years...nothing new or especially noteworthy.

As I wrote yesterday, the news is that more illegals have been leaving the country than coming for years and that economics drives the issue more than policy. Why isn't that the top story...oh, forget it...that's a stupid question.

Look for a piece in the next week on the latest research on illegal immigration. And you can read more on the Caravan story here.


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