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A Random Collection of the Best Quotes About Life in the Age of Trump

Quotes to Capture Life in the Age of Trump. Yes, I know; this post could reach book length:

“To be fair, any condemnation of the worst parts of human nature is going to read as a veiled criticism of Trump” ― Alicia Ewert

“Trump is the producer, writer, and star of an extravaganza performance of the theater of resentment.” ― David Frum, Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic

“Perception is more important than reality. If someone perceives something to be true, it is more important than if it is in fact true. This doesn't mean you should be duplicitous or deceitful, but don't go out of your way to correct a false assumption if it plays to your advantage.” ― Ivanka Trump, The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life

“The truth unquestionably is, that the only path to a subversion of the republican system of the Country is, by flattering the prejudices of the people, and exciting their jealousies and apprehensions, to throw affairs into confusion, and bring on civil commotion.” ― Alexander Hamilton

“With President Trump, however, the masculine archetype seems to have regressed. Trump is less the strict father than the petulant child: a boyish figure who rejects advice, shirks discipline and refuses to be beholden to behavioral norms. He is rarely even seen as the patriarch of his own family; as Melania Trump said after he was caught boasting about assaults on tape, “Sometimes I say I have two boys at home.” ― Amanda Hess

“We elected a man who knows how to build walls when we needed someone who knows how to build bridges.” ― DaShanne Stokes

“Lying is second nature to him... More than anyone else I have ever met, Trump has the ability to convince himself that whatever he is saying at any given moment is true, or sort of true, or at least ought to be true.” ― Tony Schwartz


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