Trump Won the Catholic Vote in 2016, But Now Lags Far Behind His Democratic Challengers

Donald Trump won the Catholic vote handily in 2016, 52-45%. However, a new poll conducted by EWTN News and RealClear Opinion Research, and reported in the National Catholic Register shows the President far behind Sen. Bernie Sanders, former Vice President Joe Biden and other Democratic challengers. Trump trails Biden 52-39%, Sanders 54-39%, Warren 49-41%, and Buttigieg 46-41%.

The President's decline among Catholics is especially significant because they have sided with the winning candidate in each election this century, backing Bush over Gore and Kerry, and Obama over McCain and Romney. And, for Democrats, substantial support among Catholics would partially off-set Trump's large advantage among Evangelicals.

Part of the swing among Catholics is likely associated with Trump's behavior in office, but there are some demographic changes at play as well. Self-identified Catholics tend to be both younger and more likely Hispanic today, and both groups favor the Democratic Party.

The National Catholic Register: “The difference between the generations is significant, and for the first time we’ll have more younger Americans, younger Catholics voting than older Catholics voting in 2020,” noted John Della Volpe, polling director of RealClear Opinion Research. “So that’s something that's worth keeping an eye on, as well.”
"This poll also confirms the rising influence of Hispanic/Latinos on American Catholicism. Thirty-seven percent of Catholics in America are Hispanic, and they trend solidly 60% Democrat."

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content


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