Trump's Peace Plan is a Cruel Joke to Abet Netanyahu's Rush to Annex the Jordan Valley Illegally

Donald Trump unveiled a Mideast peace plan yesterday, authored by his son-in-law Jared Kushner. The proposal was crafted without Palestinian input, so it's more of a wish-list formulated by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was quick to endorse the plan, calling Trump, "the greatest friend Israel has ever had in the White House.”

The deal would allow Israel to retain its illegal settlements and permit them to annex the Jordan Valley, a strategic and fertile strip of land that comprises about 30% of the West Bank, stretching from north of the Dead Sea along the border with Jordan. In return, the Palestinians would get a faux state without any of the messy trappings of sovereignty.

Washington Post: ... "The Palestinian “state” would lack many conventional aspects of sovereignty, including control over its borders, airspace, territorial waters and international relations. Israel would retain “overriding security responsibility,” including the right to send its own forces into Palestinian territory. Tens of thousands of Israelis would go on living in settlements inside the new Arab state and would be governed by Israel. And Israel would have full sovereignty over Jerusalem, except for a few areas already outside the city’s security barrier."

Trump also promised the Palestinians a 50 billion dollar development plan funded by various international sources if they accept the deal, but they may know something of his past business dealings and eye that offer with a healthy dose of suspicion.

Even some Israelis were quick to point out that Palestinians would get little or nothing from the proposal.

Washington Post: “The usage of the word ‘state’ in the context of this plan is beyond cynical,” said Hagai El-Ad, executive director of the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem.“This is not a plan for Palestinian rights nor a state, except for the permanent state of apartheid.”

In any case, the plan wasn't offered as a serious proposal for the Palestinians to consider [they rejected it immediately]. President Trump has other concerns in mind. It was unveiled yesterday to:

1. provide legitimacy to Netanyahu's plan to illegally annex the Jordan Valley

2. enhance Netanyahu's chances for reelection despite the corruption charges pending against him,

3. buoy Trump's campaign with evangelical voters and conservative Jews, especially in Florida, and

4. divert the nation's attention away from John Bolton and the impeachment trial for several hours.

Unfortunately, the plan doesn't enhance the prospects for a fair and viable "two-state" solution. But, then again, that was never the intent.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content


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