Trump Admin. Decision to Deport Sick Migrants Undergoing Lifesaving Care is Truly Malevolent

Individuals seeking innovative medical treatments for deadly diseases often travel to the United States for care. If the treatment is effective and not available in their home country, they will seek permission to stay here so they or their child can continue the lifesaving medical care. The federal government gets about 1000 such requests each year and, if properly documented, approves many of them.

NBC: ... "In Miami, attorney Milena Portillo told The Miami Herald that families who have applied for the medical deferments include a girl with an eye malignancy, a girl with cerebral palsy and the father of three children — who are American citizens — who has a terminal liver illness."

The Trump administration has now changed the policy, and families that have received such deportation deferrals are receiving letters saying they must leave immediately.

NBC: "But the Trump administration recently told families who were granted permission to stay for medical care that their permission to stay has been rescinded and they have 33 days to leave the country. The policy, which was not publicly announced, is being applied retroactively to any requests filed on or before Aug. 7."

The administration hasn't provided a reason for the new policy and didn't announce the change publicly. It only came to light after patients and their families began to receive letters ordering them to leave the country within 33 days. But, it is in line with similar moves by the administration to undermine humanitarian deportation deferrals.

New York Times: "The policy change is the latest in a series of moves by the Trump administration to revoke or modify procedures that have allowed certain immigrants to remain in the United States on humanitarian grounds. In addition to those with serious medical conditions, they included crime victims who have helped law enforcement with investigations and caretakers of sick children or relatives."

It's impossible to imagine the anguish parents suffer as they are forced to abandon lifesaving treatment for their child because Donald Trump wants to throw a bit more red meat to his xenophobic base. "Malevolent" doesn't adequately express the cruelty of this decision.

Rachel Maddow reported yesterday on how this change will impact Isabel Bueso, an individual suffering from a rare genetic disease that can only be treated in the US.

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By: Don Lam & Curated Content


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